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A fun pony - are horses too ... was sung in one of the well-known nursery rhymes. Really - pony is a horse, but of small breeds. Such horses were bred mostly on islands such as Sicily, Hokkaido, Corsica, the British Isles, and others. Height of some ponies is just 110 centimeters, others - 150 centimeters and they are quite suitable for teaching children to ride. The very first ponies appeared in Scandinavia and the south of France, in the town of Camargue, where riding horses and ponies is still the most favorite national pastime of locals and tourists. Pony is not only horse to be ridden by children, but it is also very strong and hardworking helper. For example, a Shetland pony, who lives in Scotland, can carry very heavy loads, no worse than a big horsem and the weight of cargo can be twenty times heavier than the pony! So pony is a very important and necessary horse. Well, we suggest you to play my little pony dress up games for girls. These fun mlp games are loved by everyone, because it's great to be friends with pony. You can take care of pony, you can decorate it ... So pony is a dream of many.