Fun Restourant dress up games

Places where you can taste delicious food are called restaurants. We know that restaurant is a place where you can try fancy and chic food according to special theme of the place. It can be Chinese or Italian restaurant. But there are different kinds which restaurants are divided by, not only by the country of cuisine. There are fancy restaurants, where you can taste chic and rare food, family restaurants which can be visited by any family member and everyone will find appropriate food. There are also fast food restaurants for people who are always in a hurry. Besides all these types of restaurant there is also another one - a cafe. Usually, a cafe - it is small, cozy place where the best coffee is being served. Do you like coffee and cakes? Or maybe you prefer ice cream coffee - glace. Let's understand better what kinds of cafes there are. So, the first option - it's just a coffee shop. there you will find fresh coffee, tea, and some standard baking. Nothing special, but for quick bite - is fine. The next type of cafe is bakery. There is a greater amount of baking, and if it is a good bakery and a cozy cafe, then you can become a regular at this town. The next type of cafes, are ice cream cafes. The name speaks for itself. Here you can not only taste different kinds of coffee, but also to try a variety of different ice cream. All these kinds combined restaurant online games for girls. On our site there are free restaurant games for girls where you can act as a visitor or the owner of this cozy place. Did you like us? So visit our site often.