Dance games for girls

Dance has many definitions, but all they have something in common - dance is rhythmic movement to music. If just listening to good music is often great fun, then dance to this music is double fun. People come up with many different dances. Initially, there were the cult dance games which followed the primitive worship of the gods in primitive - communal society. Then, folk dances, among which there is also a great variety of types - from vibrant Irish folk dancing to the rhythmic and mysterious flamenco. Later ballroom dances appeared, which often were invented specifically by court choreographers to entertain royal personages and their entourage. Sometimes dance elements were borrowed and the dance got a new sound. Even later the theatrical direction in dance, such as ballet appeared. Not every girl can dance on pointe and jump like a moth. Ballet is a very difficult art. There are various dance games for dance lovers on our site. The fact is that dance games for girls help to develop a sense of rhythm and give you a lot of funny minutes.