Fun Totally Spies dress up games

What are the Totally Spies games for girls? Totally Spies is a famous cartoon series, in which three wonderful girlfriends the spies save the world. They live in Beverly Hills. Girls names are Alex, Sam and Clover. Workplace of our cute friends is a mysterious organization that works to protect people WOOHP. In ordinary life, they seem to be ordinary schoolgirls without any differences, who, like all the girls of their age, go to parties, meet with guys, run around shopping for cool clothes. Now let's focus on the characters of the series. Sam or Samantha Simpson, green-eyed girl with red hair. She is very smart and always ready to come to rescue everybody. Clover - Cloverina Mason is classic blue-eyed blonde. She likes to draw attention of boys and watches the fashion. Alex is Alexandra Houston a dark-skinned girl with brown eyes and dark hair. She is slightly awkward, but she loves sports. All of them are subjected to administrator - Jerry. In general, the plot resembles the movie Charlie's Angels, but in a cartoon version. Totally Spies Games for girls are created based on the cartoon. So playing free Totally Spies games, you can fully enjoy the pleasures of the spies life.