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Life without adventure would be uninteresting. In the books you experience all the events along with the character, imagining his emotions, feelings and you can see scenery and feel the raging elements with your inner eye. Adventure Games attract you by their riddles and mysteries, and who does not like to solve riddles? Of course everyone love it, that's why we have divided adventure games into a separate chapter in which there are a lot of really interesting games shrouded in mystery. We hope you'll be happy to play free fun adventure games for girls. Online adventure games are already created for you all the necessary conditions, and you just have to join the heroes to play with them and make a free trip. Dangers, traps, mazes, predators and anomalous zones are waiting for you there. Choosing the right direction and manipulating objects, you will find the solution for any problem and gain the necessary experience for future campaigns. Hope you will enjoy playing mysterious adventure games for girls!