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Traditional logical games often have their own national identity. For example, many people know a Chinese game called mahjong. Oddly enough, it is considered as gambling. Sudoku puzzle was born in Japan, but the whole world fell in love with it. Initially Sudoku was created only with numbers, but it can be difficult for some children. So because of that, the puzzles were made with beautiful pictures, which are easy to find a pair for. Logical games for girls are very popular and very important as they develop memory and abstract thinking, they make children to think their actions through. Caring parents understand that. That's why we share free logical games for girls of different ages and interests on our website for, because we welcome every visitor to our site. For the little ones, we have mosaic games, in which you have to complete simple picture of your favorite cartoon heroes from several parts. Have fun, spend time enjoying free online games on our site!