Winx club games for girls

We all know and love these full of life and smart girls from the Winx Club. Winx games for girls that are on our website were created with these wonderful characters. This story began on the Earth, when a simple girl named Bloom from a small American town accidentally met the fairy named Stella. Bloom with new friend Stella get into a magical dimension Magix, and there met with the girls - Flora, Muse and Techna. They are fairies too. Together they form the Winx Club. Dangerous and exciting adventures in different worlds, dimensions and on different planets are waiting for Bloom and her friends. Later it turns out that Bloom is not a simple girl, but a real princess and she would have to find and to save her real parents. In Magix fairy girls meet their love and face the evil forces - witches and magicians. They wil know what the true friendship is and not once check its strength. You can learn many entertaining stories about Winx club by watching the TV series that is created by the Italian director Iginio Straffi. There are a lot of fans around the world In this series. Winx Club fans create societies. clothing and accessories in the style of Winx fairies. In addition, on our site you can play the latest online games about Winx Club. Winx Games believix, enchantix and other types of magic will bring you closer to the magical world Magix. Believe me, it's real. we will add Winx Club Games on this site for you.