Fun Nails make up dress up games

Nails make up is not a simple matter. This word comes from the Latin words Manus - hand and Cura - care. So this implies that a manicure - it's not just colored and painted nails, but first of all manicure is hands care. To do it properly you must not forget about the hand massage, baths, nail care, and only then comes the nail decoration with varnish, glitter and stylish designs. Individual skill is nails extension. Manicure also follows fashion. Basic manicure color can also be fashionable and trendy. Nails can be painted in one color or two, highlighting the elongated part of the nail. A variety of small drawings can be applied on the top of the basic colors. If you can't manage to create such a beauty, then you can buy special stickers that can easily create any difficult drawing on the nail. Besides the classic, European kind of manicure, there are hot manicure, Japanese and Spanish manicure. You will be able to find out more about these kinds of manicure if you look into encyclopedia. On our site for manicure lovers we shared manicure games for girls, in which you can practice as much as you want in a variety of styles. Paint the nails in the most incredible colors and patterns and to apply any subject. Free nails make up games help you to determine with your favorite destination in manicure art, as well as figure out how to wear accessories best such as bracelets, rings and watches. After all, the manicure game will help you to systematize everything what you know about caring for your hands.