Bella Hospital Recovery game

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Game Bella Hospital Recovery

Description: Bella Hospital Recovery

This day began at the princess very well and promised to be full of pleasant moments and meetings. She went to the store and made some interesting purchases and decided to go to another store. But while sending an SMS message to the prince, Princess Bella stumbled and fell. Now she urgently needs to go to the hospital. Now Princess Bella is in the hospital and in this game you can become a doctor for our heroine of the game. First, examine the patient and clean the wounds. Then remove the glass fragments from the wounds. Use cotton wool and alcohol to rinse the wounds and then apply a bandage. Next, you need to do a bone examination and do an x-ray. Thus, you will find out whether everything is good with our beauty. Using your mouse, you can quickly heal bone fractures, and then you can apply a cast to make the princess recover faster.
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Game screenshots:

  • Game Princess Bella in the hospital.
    Game Princess Bella in the hospital.
  • Princess Bella is waiting for a doctor.
    Princess Bella is waiting for a doctor.
  • The princess was cast.
    The princess was cast.