Good cafe game

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Game Good cafe

Description: Good cafe

You work as a cook in a very popular and a good cafe in your city. Your job is to cook meals for the different types of customers that come to your cafe. You must also buy food at the store. Then you make food, and visitors make orders and your cafe earns profits.
How to play: To start you can register, or you can play without registration. Then read the rules of the game. You will only play with the mouse. Watch for the presence of food in the refrigerator. If there left a little food, then buy another and start to cook meals. All meals have different cooking times. The game is designed in the way that your data won’t be lost if you leave the game and return later.
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Game screenshots:

  • Good cafe game.
    Good cafe game.
  • First, create your charecter.
    First, create your charecter.
  • Read instructions in game.
    Read instructions in game.
  • Your ingredients store.
    Your ingredients store.