Avocado Toast Instagram game

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Game Avocado Toast Instagram

Description: Avocado Toast Instagram

Surely you know how useful an avocado is. This fruit is now very popular on Instagram. There you will find a huge number of toasts with it decorated with many delicious additives. In this game you will prepare a delicious avocado toast, and then take a photo for instagram. First, you need to thoroughly wash it, remove the peel. Next, you need to grind it on a grater to a state of porridge. Now it’s the turn of delicious toast. On them, we will spread the avocado paste using a knife. Then begins an equally interesting stage. We will select the ingredients for the toast. It can be fried eggs, shrimp, salads, tomatoes, games and whatever you want. Add them to your taste and take a couple of mouth-watering photos to post them on a social network.
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  • Avocado Toast Instagram game.
    Avocado Toast Instagram game.
  • Wash the avocado under water.
    Wash the avocado under water.